Jazz Notify Me 2022

Jazz Notify Me

Unique Offer for Jazz Callers!

Get quick notification about the availability of your recipient. If you are the one who loves to remain in contact with your loved ones frequently & are very sensitive about them, then this offer is particularly for you.

There are times when a certain receiver might be not in reachable region or may be their number is switched off. In such cases, the caller is unable to access their desired contact.

In such a condition, get quick alerts about the attainability of our concerned contact as soon as possible. You’ll obtain an immediate Notification about their accessibility. This will help you contact them in first place.


  • This service will provide notifications only for On-Net Contacts i.e., Jazz Numbers.
  • Alerts are sent only if the concerned contact is out of reach or currently switched off.

Jazz Notify Me 2022 Details

Price  Rs. 1.89 for all Packages (Prepaid)

Jazz Notify Me 2022 Eligibility Criteria

“JAZZ” brings forth this unique service keeping in view the ease of its customers. All PREPAID clients can make use of this great offer by just after activation.

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Jazz Notify Me 2022 Subscription Code

Subscribe” this offer:

Dial *6528#


Send “SUB” to 6528

Unsubscribe” the offer:

Dial *6528*1#


Send “UNSUB” to 6528

Jazz Notify Me 2022 Commands

Commands   Services 
STATUS View current subscription status
BLOCK Command will block all Notify Me Notifications against your number
Sub Set Commands You can block Particular MSISDN with the following commands
ADD BL Add blacklist e.g. ‘ADD BL 03001234567’
DEL BL ALL Delete All Blacklisted Subscribers
DEL BL delete blacklist e.g. ‘DEL BL 03001234567’
LIST BL View Blacklisted Subscribers
HELP Will provide you all Help Commands regarding Notify Me Service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need a special SIM or phone to subscribe to this service?

No. You do not need any special SIM or phone to subscribe to the Jazz Notify Me service. This service can work on any standard mobile or smart phone.

How will I be notified about the status of my desired number?

You will receive a message on your mobile when the desired number is switched on or is within the coverage area again.

I do not want my callers to track my availability, how do I block such notifications?

You can send “block” to 6528 to turn off all notifications for your callers. You can also block specific callers by sending ADD BL, kindly refer to the table above for the complete list of commands and functions.

How many subscribers can I block in my Blacklist?

You can add as many subscribers as you want in your Jazz Notify Me blacklist.

What will be the format of Notification?

Message of Jazz Notify Me will come from a Notify Me sender ID. It will contain the Called party number, total number of calls made, start and end time of calls.

Sample Message:
“Aap nay 3 bar 923012345678 per thu, 28 Nov 09:52 aur thu, 28 Nov 13:58 k darmeyan main key thi. Ab yeah number call wasool karnay k liyay muyassar hain.”

Will I be charged for every alert that I receive?

No, only the subscription fee will be charged. However, if you use any other command e.g. UNBLOCK, UNSUB etc. as mentioned above in the table, you will be charged Rs.0.59 on prepaid and Rs.2.39 on postpaid for every command.

Will I receive an alert if my called party is on call waiting?

No, you will not receive an alert if your called party is on call waiting.

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