Mobilink Jazz Alerts 2021

Mobilink Jazz Alert 2021

Keep a check on your contacts Availability!

Activate Jazz Alerts right now to get quick alerts about the availability of your concerned contacts. Dear Customers! If you try to reach a number at a certain time but are not able to do so then no worries….

Simply Subscribe to the most beneficial incentive by “Mobilink Jazz“. After activation of “Jazz Alerts”, the network will notify you once the contact is accessible again. In this way, you can get in touch with your concerned contacts as early as possible.

Possibly, your concerned number might be busy with some other contact at the time or may be they’re out of reach. Stay tuned to connect to them in the first place.

At an astonishingly Affordable Rate, Jazz is offering the most special privilege to its esteemed customers. Get proper information about their reachability.

Get knowledge of accessibility of your Jazz Contacts without even disturbing them!

Mobilink Jazz Alerts 2021 Details

Package Name JAZZ ALERTS
Subscription Rate  Notification: Rs.0.72 (incl. tax) per opt in.

SMS to 6080FREE

Mobilink Jazz Alerts 2021 Eligibility Criteria

“JAZZ” brings forth a special & unique service for the ease of its customers. All PREPAID clients can make use of this great offer by just subscribing.


Jazz Alert service

For non-reachable case(Powered off or out of coverage),Jazz Alert service will provide following features to caller:

  1. Caller will be informed that recipient is unavailable.
  2. Caller will be further asked if they would like Jazz Alert service to initiate an SMS notification once receiver becomes available (show your consent pressing *)
  3. Once the call to action has been taken from the Caller and is successfully charged, the platform will keep a record of the receiver’s Status for 48 hours
  4. Once the Recipient comes back on the network, the Jazz Alert platform will process the request by sending an SMS notification accordingly. In the second phase a missed call will also be generated to both parties along with an SMS. Missed call will aid the subscribers who are unable to interpret the SMS.

Caller is an Off-net number :

Apke matlooba number se filhal jawab mosol ni ho ra, barai mehrbani kxh deir bd koshish kren.

The number you have dialed is not responding at the moment please try later.

Caller is an On-net number :

Apke matlooba number se filhal jawab mosol ni ho ra. Number dubara ON honay ki itla bazariya SMS hasil karne kay liye * dabain sirf 0.71 main.

The number you have dialed is not responding at the moment please try later.

Below prompt will be played once customer opts for SMS alert:

Apki darkhwsat mosool hogai hay. Apko jald hi tasdeeqi SMS bhej diya jayega



Customer will get following Notifications once the recipient is back online.

  • Caller Notification

“Moaziz Sarif, apka matlooba number 03xxxxxxxxx, Day, Date at xx:xx(time) se network par mojood hay”


  • Recipient will also be notified:

“Moaziz sarif, apkay network pay anay ki itlah 03xxxxxxxxx ku Tue Nov 10 ,2015 at 05:04 per dey di gai hay, ainda ye itlah block karnay ky liye Block 03xxxxxxxxx likh kay 6080 pay bhejein”

Recipient will have the option to block others from getting their back on network information with the below mentioned options:

  • To block MSISDN, send Block 03xxxxxxxxx to short code 6080
  • To Un-block MSISDN, send Block 03xxxxxxxxx to short code 6080

Service Rule:

  • To use Jazz Alert service conditional call forwarding (Not-reachable) is enabled on numbers from the back end. To start off we have enabled this service on 100K attached MSISDNs and are planning to provision call forwarding of the complete base batch-wise. Numbers will be shared with the relevant teams accordingly.
  • All numbers that have enabled not-reachable conditional call forwarding from their handsets will not be able to use MCA and Voice mail services.
  • Customers who are currently using MCA service will not be able to use the Jazz Alert service.
  • Customers who are currently using Voice mail service, their callers (A-party) will not be able to use the Jazz Alert service.
  • Customers who have conditional call forwarding enabled from the backend can subscribe to the MCA service by dialing the dial code. However, their callers (A-party) will not be able to use the Jazz Alert service.

Terms & Conditions

  • To facilitate customers who request Mobitunes subscription while having insufficient balance, such customers shall be provisioned with requested Mobitunes subscription while subscription charges shall be deducted when customer has sufficient balance in his account. Not applicable on Champions Package subscribers




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