Mobilink Jazz Call and SMS Block Service 2022

Alert for all the Jazz customers! “JAZZ” is suggesting an excellent way to organize your life by yourself. Just apply the Subscription code of this service and include all the avoidable contacts in blacklist so that they can’t contact you unless you permit them to.

Block all the unwanted SMS and calls by just one click. Control yourself who can contact you and who can not. Just by applying the concerned code, block all the unnecessary call and text messages. Don’t bother anymore.

Anytime, you can unblock the contacts as well. Just put the contacts in blacklist for as long as you like. Stop all the abusive or useless numbers.

Any on-net as well as off-net user can be excluded from your known contacts by applying the code. Just don’t get irritated by the unneeded SMS & phone calls.

Be the boss of you own life & manage your own social life yourself!

Mobilink Jazz Call and SMS Block Service

Jazz SMS Call Block Service 2022 Weekly Details

Limit unwanted people to access you. Give no chance to unnecessary people to contact you in any way. Conveniently block unneeded contacts.

If someone is bothering you, simply block all of his ways to reach you. With Mobilink Jazz, it becomes very easy to control your connectivity issues. Subscribe the most wanted service right now to gain its beneficial features.

Package Name Mobilink Jazz Call & SMS Block Service
Price Rs 1.18 per day (Tax Incl.)

SMS & Call Block Service Jazz 2022 Eligibility

Any customer receiving unnecessary calls & SMS can use this beneficial service offered by Mobilink Jazz to stop those worthless contacts.

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How To Activate Jazz SMS & Call Block Service 2022

Users can  “ACTIVATE” the Jazz SMS & Call Block Service by dialing *420#. As soon as the string is inserted, the Network responds to the request of the customer humbly. A text message is sent immediately to the contact number of the applicant. This SMS contains all the information about the package which is being activated on the Jazz number. Along with details of the incentives granted.

This message is basically sent to the hand set of the requester to confirm that you have subscribed to “Jazz SMS & Call Block Service 2022”. Avail the quality services later.


Simply send “Help” to 420 to view all SMS commands to use the service.


Visit any Jazz Franchise within the premises of your area. Request for the provision of required service. Your issue will be resolved without any delay in the process.

How To Inactivate Jazz SMS & Call Block Service 2022

To “unsubscribe” the service, once again dial the same code i.e., *420#. The authority will automatically take back all the services granted. Requester will no longer be able to take advantage of the services offered. 

Procedure & Available Options

Following options will appear after entering the code:

  1. Add number to Blacklist
  2. Check number in Blacklist
  3. Remove Number
  4. Unsubscribe
  5. Change Blacklist Tone
  6. Call Blacklist History
  7. View Blacklist

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What happens if I unsubscribe & then re-subscribe?

The Block list is removed as soon as the service is un-subscribed and you will start receiving calls and SMS from all the numbers. If the service is re-subscribed you need to add numbers to the block list again.

Q. What if I don’t have sufficient balance at the time of subscription renewal?

Subscription renewal is automatically attempted; if the balance is low, attempts are made for charging for 60 days. Service remains subscribed and you will not get calls & SMS from numbers added in block list. Numbers can be added and deleted from the list during the 60 days suspension period.

Q. How can I add a number in the blacklist via dial code?

To add a number in the black list via dial code, simply dial *420# and select option 1.

Q. How many numbers can be added in black list?

50 numbers can be added in black list

Q. If the same MSISDN is added in both lists then will it be counted twice?


Q. How can I delete a number via dial code?

To delete a number via dial code, dial *420# and select option 3.

Q. Is it necessary to activate the blacklist for screening incoming calls that are in blacklist?

Yes, it is necessary, else the blacklist will not block those calls. If you are subscribing via dial code menu, blacklist is automatically activated.

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