Mobilink Jazz Share 2021

Jazz share 2021

Help your Contacts via Sharing!

Esteemed Jazziers! Absolutely all of us know that “SHARING is CARING”. Its the time to prove it. Help your loved ones by sharing your Balance with them in the hour of need.

Any of your dear one can be surrounded in difficulty of Low-balance. Make them tension-free by sharing your own balance with them instantly. Just at a sec away, your balance will be shared to that particular Jazz Prepaid customer. Maximum a balance of Rs. 500 can be shared in a single turn & Minimum Rs. 15 to a single contact.

Moreover, get support from your family & friends by calling them for your help. If you run out of balance at a needy-time, you may reach out for your friends & ask them to transfer you some balance to take you out of dilemma.

Receive & Share Balance quickly with easy procedure!

Mobilink Jazz Share 2021 Details

Package Name JAZZ SHARE
Subscription Rate   Rs. 4.77 

Tax is due per Transaction

Maximum Share  Rs. 500 per Transaction

Mobilink Jazz Share 2021 Eligibility Criteria

“JAZZ” brings forth a special service for its customers who believe is “SHARING is Caring”. The sender & receiver of Shared balance should be PREPAID Jazz users.

Jazz Share 2021 Code

  • To “Share“:
Dial *100*03XXXXX*amount#

Further Information

  • When you use Jazz Share, you are asked to confirm a message. The transaction is completed once the confirmation message is received.

Service: All prepaid customers can now request balance from Sender (Friends, Family & Acquaintances) at any-time and get the balance for free.

Usage: Dial *107# and a USSD menu will appear prompting the customer to enter Sender MSISDN

Service Charges: This service is Free of cost. The deduction will be done from the Sender of Jazz share amount.

Terms & Conditions

  • Recipient & Sender are allowed on relevant service classes and not be Dongle, Data SIM etc.
  • Sender can receive requests of Jazz share only 5 times in a day
  • Jazz will not be responsible for any misuse of this service.
  • For each transaction Rs 4.77 + Tax will charge on balance share for prepaid subscribers.




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