Mobilink Jazz TikTok Package 2022 | Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Explore your hidden talents using amazing platform “TIKTOK” which Mobilink Jazz provides at cheap rates. Share your personal content & watch those of others. Thrill to put forward your amazing videos & ideas. Earn a lot of love from the public. You can use the stunning app by utilizing amazing Jazz offers. Just a click away lies the biggest TikTok bundles ever!

Activate now to the superb Jazz Tiktok packages & enjoy yourself. Have fun with your fans & upload more exciting stuff. Besides, also get delightful by watching the activities & progress of your favorite Tiktokers!

Grab Jazz unbeatable Daily, Weekly & Monthly TikTok Bundles right now! At affordable prices, avail the charm of the embellishing app!

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Jazz TikTok Package 2022

Jazz TikTok Packages 2022 Details

Keeping in view the frame of fame of the emerging app “TikTok“, Network launches packages for its users with different validities. Customers are free to choose according to their own convenience. Analyze your usage & opt for the befitting package.

  • “Mobilink Jazz Daily TikTok Package 2022” is suitable for the clients who want some great bundle on daily-basis. It allows the user to have daily fun using the marvelous app. Watch your favorite content. Like your dream star & many more in low price.


  • “Mobilink Jazz Weekly TikTok Package 2022” is introduced for Jazz users who want to watch more stuff with a package having validity of 7 days. High quality data is provided which is subject to use for TikTok purposes. No missing out the whole week!


  • “Mobilink Jazz Monthly TikTok Package 2022” is a bundle efficient enough to keep the TikTok users happy for the entire month. No need to request for more TikTok data to view your ideal content on the app. Handsome data amount is provided for this sake.

Jazz Tiktok Packages 2022 Eligibility

All the Tiktok Packages offered by Mobilink Jazz are for the Tiktok addicts. Tiktokers are always searching for the best Tiktok packages out there. So this is the one by Mobilink Jazz. Follow your personally favorite Tiktokers.

Each & every Tiktok user is entitled to request the activation of the required bundle with suitable validity from the authority. Quick response is entertained. Whenever you have some leisure time, hold your mobile phone & lie on your couch. Open the most remarkable app “Tiktok” which is recently the leading app of the era.

Swift pass all the latest trending shorts. Find the one for you. Keep yourself up with the on-going Trend. Don’t ever miss any of the exciting Tiktok trend. Make others to love your content. Promote others as well by liking their uploaded stuff.

So don’t delay to be a part of Tiktok World. Rush to find the best Tiktok Package for you & continue with the Star generator app.

Jazz Daily Tiktok Package 2022

Jazz Daily tiktok package 2022

Huge amount of data is put forward in “Mobilink Jazz Daily Tiktok Package 2022“. This quantity is enough to meet the requirements of customers for one day. At reasonable price, clients are permitted to watch their beloved content on Tiktok. No need to worry for the whole day. Whenever you are free, simply dial the code & start watching UNLIMITED videos. Like & share your favorite ones.

Package Name  Mobilink Jazz Daily Tiktok Offer
Validity  Daily (1 Day)
Tiktok Data 30 MB
Price Rs. 5

Jazz Daily Tiktok Package Code 2022

In order to gain privileges of  Daily Tiktok Package, user is bound to dial “Jazz Daily Tiktok Package Code 2022“. As soon as the code is inserted, the authorities respond to the request of the customer. All the excellent services are activate at once on the concerned number immediately.

Press *114*5# & boom! Here you go with the incentives of “Jazz Daily Tiktok Package 2022”. Enjoy having fun with your followers. Love others’ videos. Laugh out loud on the funny reels of people. Have a great day indeed!

Jazz Daily Tiktok Package Status Code 2022

If you want to inquire about the remaining data from the total offered data, then dial Status Code i.e., *114*5*2#. Automatically all the details will be sent on your Jazz number in a matter of seconds. Keep an eye on your data usage. Calculate how much time can you continue using teh marvelous app.

Jazz Weekly Tiktok Package 2022

Jazz Weekly Tiktok Package 2022

Handsome data is offered in “Jazz Weekly Tiktok Package 2022” which is surely enough to meet any user’s needs for 7 days. Watch as much as you want for one low price. No worries to run out of data. Don’t miss a single music video from your special stars. Feed your admirers with new superb content. Enjoy your fame. Don’t let people underestimate you. All possible with Mobilink Jazz!

Package Name Jazz Weekly Tiktok Offer
Validity Weekly (7 days)
Tiktok Data 2500 MBs
Price Rs. 50

Jazz Weekly Tiktok Package Code 2022

Obtain incentives of Weekly Tiktok Package by putting “Jazz Weekly Tiktok Package Code 2022“. When the user dials the code from his mobile phone, the network acknowledge the application of the client. All the outstanding services are granted at once on the concerned number.

Press *117*14# & there you go with the incentives of “Jazz Weekly Tiktok Package 2022”. Be glad by watching your preferred ideas & stuff. Spend your free time chilling. Make your mind stress free by viewing pleasing Tiktok videos & Trends for 7 days.

Jazz Weekly Tiktok Package Status Code 2022

If you want to gather any information about the left data from the total data provided, then press Status Code i.e., *117*14*2#. All the details will appear on your screen within no time. Keep an eye on your data usage. Plan your usage accordingly so that you may not run out of the data obtained.

Jazz Monthly Tiktok Package 2022

Jazz Monthly Tiktok Package 2022

A lot more to explore on famous app “Tiktok”? Well…!

“Jazz Monthly Tiktok Package 2022” is here to help you with it. No need to undergo any sort of stress to keep up with the current Trends. Mobilink Jazz sets forth the most embellished Tiktok offer for 30 days. Extremely vast data volume is presented to the customer to build their trust on their one & only Network. Feel blessed to be a part of Jazz!

Package Name Jazz Monthly Tiktok Offer
Validity Monthly (30 days)
Tiktok Data 3000 MBs
Price Rs. 500

Jazz Monthly Tiktok Package Code 2022

If you want to Subscribe “Jazz Monthly Tiktok Package 2022“, then dial the code *117*31#. Instantly, the authorities grant activation of the Monthly Package. Afterwards, users are allowed to make use of unbeatable services till the expiry of bundle.

Clients are enabled to access High resolution videos. Earn stardom with the help of Mobilink Jazz. Enjoy yourselves. Create your own content. All in cheap rates to satisfy your demands by the end of the month.

Jazz Monthly Tiktok Package Status Code 2022

If you want to acquire some info about the unfinished data, simply dial Status Code i.e., *117*31*2#. The details will pop up on your device number in a couple of seconds. Manage your Tiktok usage. Be alert before cross the data limit set in the bundle. Arrange another subscription beforehand.

How to Activate Jazz Tiktok Packages 2022

In addition to the methods explained above, customers can also visit any Retailer near their house. Ask them for the subscription of the Tiktok package that you liked the most. He will charge you the amount mentioned for each offer. After which he will activate the bundle on your handset. You will be able to take advantage of the Tiktok features offered.


When you subscribe any Tiktok bundle via any of the procedure explained, don’t forget to confirm your activation before utilizing the services. This is possible by receiving a text message from the company. The SMS will clearly alert you about the activation of the package along with its name, validity & the privileges offered. After which you are free to avail data the way you want.

Terms & Conditions

  • The data provided in all Tiktok bundles can also be used for Internet usage.
  • Offer can be activated anytime.
  • Bundles can be changed anytime by Jazz.

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