Ufone My Status Offer 2021

Ufone My status 2021

Big News for all the Ufone Customers!

Keeping an eye on the special enjoyment of the customers, Ufone puts forward a special package. Glad to announce the eye-catchy offer by the most perfect Pakistani Network “Ufone”.

Set your status using “My Status” offer by Ufone and chill with your family, friends & all the contacts. You can place any status regarding your choice, taste or regarding any upcoming event; its all upto you.

It is inevitably regarded as the most useful & creative way to share your ideas & thoughts with your loved ones.

One can also set a special status for the special one according to their own will. Please others while having a lot of fun. Convey messages in an indirect way and show them that you care.

With such an affordable way to keep all of them cheerful, its absolutely the most productive method.

Don’t wait anymore to subscribe to the embellishing Package!

Ufone My Status 2021 Details

Package Name MY STATUS
Subscription Rate Rs. 1.20 per day

Ufone My Status 2021 Eligibility Criteria

All prepaid & postpaid customers are eligible to activate this amazing offer. You’ll obviously love this marvelous package by the Ufone network.

How To Activate/ Inactivate Ufone My Status 2021

  • You can simply SUBSCRIBE the Ufone My Status by:

Texting ‘SUB‘ to 6525.


Send your desired status at 6525 to set it.


Visit your nearest retailer.


Activate via “My Ufone” App.

  • USSD:

Dial *969# and follow the given instructions .

You’ll receive the confirmation Notification.


Send ‘UNSUB‘ to 6525.

Additional Information

  • If you have not set any status after subscription to the offer, then your Status will be automatically set as default i.e., “RAMZAN MUBARIK”
  • To set a status for a special contact, type it the way described below and send to 6525.

 [phone number][Status]

                                                 e.g,                0333******* Hi there!

Service Working

Commands Service
Sub Activate
Unsub Inactivate
Pause Temporarily stop status sending
Resume Continue status sending
Help Help Menu
Off<space>phonenumber Blacklisting a number
Off All Delete Blacklist
Off All<space>Number Delete a number from Blacklist
B#box id          for example: B1, B2 etc. Subscribe to Status Box
(Status boxes contain predefined statuses)
Q#box id          for example: Q1, Q2 etc. Query the contents of a Status Box
On<space>phonenumber Whitelisting a number
On All Delete Whitelist
On All<space>Number Delete a number from Whitelist
Stop Stop showing others’ Status
Stop<space>Number Stop showing one user’s status
Start Start showing Statuses
Start<space>Number Start showing one user’s status

Terms & Conditions

  •  Subscription is based on daily recursive model; only subscription charges apply
  •  There are no additional charges for using My Status service, i.e. users can change their status as many times as they please and make use of other features without being getting charged further
  •  This service is available to entire Ufone base.
  •  The contents and structure of the status is totally the user’s responsibility, Ufone will not be responsible for any illicit/offensive/ill statuses
  •  Character limit: 160
  •  In line with the regulatory requirements; My Status uses filters on certain keywords which cannot be part of a status. For such cases users will have to revise their intended status messages.



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