Zong Advance Code 2021

Zong Advance Code 2021

Zong 4G: Launches another extremely useful Service for its customers!

Seek help from your one & only network “ZONG 4G” in the hour of need. No need to worry if running out of balance. Sometimes, there’s an instant need of balance. Simply acquire some by dialing “Zong Advance Code 2021“. The service will quickly allow the user to perform any of the required function. Either make call to your loved one or send SMS to any of your desired contact without any delay. Activate “Zong Advance 2021” right now to stay tension-free even when your balance is expired.

How To Get Zong Advance

At an affordable cost, this marvelous service is offered to all the Prepaid Zong users keeping in view their requirements and needs. The loan amount will be deducted from your account on the very next recharge.

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Obtain the required volume of loan. Two options are available for the users. Either get Rs. 15 or Rs. 30. Depending upon your necessity, activate the required loan by following the directions given below. On dialing the “Zong Advance Code 2021” for the first time, customer will receive Rs. 15. On dialing the same string again, another Rs. 15 will be granted to the user which will collectively make a total of Rs. 30 as loan.

Zong Advance Code 2021 Details

Loan Amount  Code Price
Rs. 15 *911# Rs. 3.5 + Tax
Rs. 30 *911# (twice) Rs. 7.0 + Tax

Zong Advance 2021 Eligibility

All the Prepaid Zong customers are permitted to take loan at the time of need. Quickly dial “Zong Advance Code 2021” to get instant loan from the network. Irrespective of your location, the loan amount of Rs. 15 will be transacted in your account at each loan request.

Avail the opportunity whenever required and pay back later. In case of emergency, all Prepaid Zong users are allowed to avail the beneficial service by Zong 4G.

Zong Advance Code 2021 Price

On next recharge, following charges will apply on the loan amount of:

Rs. 15

  • Zong Advance payback i.e., Rs. 15
  • Service Charges i.e., Rs. 3.5 + Tax

Total Amount Deducted: Rs. 18.5 + Tax

Rs. 30

  • Zong Advance payback i.e., Rs. 30
  • Service Charges i.e., Rs. 7 + Tax

Total Amount Deducted: Rs. 37 + Tax

Zong Advance Balance Code 2021

Dial *911# from your mobile phone to get a loan of Rs. 15 instantly. An automated text message will be sent on your number to inform you about Advance delivery. If you want more loan, again press the same USSD i.e., *911# from the dial pad of your device and obtain more Rs. 15.


Send a Blank SMS to “6911“. Immediately, loan amount of Rs. 15 will be transferred to your SIM along with a message confirming your Loan Acknowledgement. If you want more loan than repeat the same. Simply send another blank SMS to 6911 to get another Rs. 15 as loan.


Download “My Zong App” from the App store suitable for your device. Sign in to the app with your Zong Number by inserting all the information required for registration. Obtain loan easily from the app by pressing “Get Loan” button displayed at home screen.

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Q1. Can a customer take 2nd Advance Loan if they have already taken old Advance Loan amount of Rs.25?

If a customer has already taken 1st Advance on old loan amount of Rs.25, they will have to recharge a minimum of Rs.50 to become eligible for 2 Advance Loan feature. Once the old Advance Loan amount of Rs.25 has been returned through recharge, the customer can take up to Rs. 30 Advance Loan through 2 loan transactions.

Terms and Conditions

  • Maximum 2 Loan Transactions are permitted on a recharge.

Below mentioned Taxes would be applicable:

  • Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 12.5% applies on every recharge.
  • Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% on usage applies.
  • FED of 16% applies on usage ( where applicable).
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