Zong All-in-One Weekly Package 2022

Obviously, Pakistan’s best-selling Widespread Network “ZONG 4G”, is always in the front row when it comes to the provision of absolute packages for its customers. Esteemed users are always taken care off & prioritized. For sure, the No.#01 Network is setting forth gleaming proposals for its clients on much cheaper rates. Swift pass the passage & activate “Zong All-in-One Weekly Package 2022” by reading the SUBSCRIPTION instructions described below & turn on this exceptional bundle.

Its a marvelous feast & customer-friendly package rendering SMS, Zong Minutes, Off-Net Minutes & Internet Services. Proceed further to join this Terrific package!

Zong All in One Weekly package 2022

Zong All-in-One Weekly Package 2022 Details

Latest Zong Package is providing all the services that are essential to balance your connectivity. Now-a-days, its nearly impossible to live even one day without the involvement of sterling offers by your Network. Zong 4G enables its clients to open up to vast field of unlimited bundles which are designed keeping in view the significance of each feature.

“Zong All-in-One Weekly Offer 2022” puts forward many great incentives which are necessary to spend your day without any difficulty. Stay close to your loved ones using all the embellishing services by Zong 4G. Reasonable costs are set per package.

Validity Weekly (7 days)
  • Internet Data:  3 GB
  • Zong Minutes: UNLIMITED 
  • Off-Net Minutes: 40
Price Rs. 200

Zong All-in-One Weekly Offer 2022 Eligibility

“Zong All-in-One Weekly Offer 2022” is accessible for all Zong purchasers. Having an eye on crucial needs of the clients, this package is launched for all of them. No matter to which place of Pakistan you belong, this package is always open to access for every user.

All the Prepaid & Postpaid customers can request activation of “Zong All-in-One Weekly Offer 2022” anytime. The network introduced this bundle to win the trust of each client by fulfilling their weekly demands & requirements.

It is clearly evident that such sorts of packages are a must to keep connectivity of your customers smooth & easy-going. That’s why Zong 4G sets forth this marvelous offer for its users. In the present era, everyone is holding a mobile phone in his hands irrespective of his profession, class & location. So, there’s a burning need of giving exclusive Discounts on Network services. As these services are also availed by the poorest community of the society. “Zong All-in-One Weekly Offer 2022” aims to offer more to people who are bound to spend less to make both ends meet till the end of the month.

How To Subscribe Zong All-in-One Weekly Package 2022

  1. Just dial *707# from your phone set to activate “Zong All-in-One Weekly Offer 2022“. Authorities will send a text message which will let you know regarding the activation of this bundle and the services granted. Have a quick view & manage your usage according to the offers provided.
  2. Another method to subscribe “Zong All-in-One Weekly Offer 2022” is to dial *6464# > 4 > 1> 2  from your device. Again a confirmation message will be received telling that your activation request for the following package is approved & the services are applied on your Zong SIM.
  3. You can also send SMS “weekly150” to 6464. A quick response by the network will entertain you. Your request will be accepted & matchless features of the bundle will be supplied by Zong 4G.
  4. Employ “MY ZONG APP” on your mobile phone for the particular purpose. Search the required package on the ‘Search Bar‘. Select the bundle & press ‘Activate Now‘. Fixed amount will be deducted from your account & you’ll be notified of Activation via text message.

Zong All-in-One Weekly Package 2022 Unsubscribe

To Unsubscribe the “Zong All-in-One Weekly Offer 2022“, send “UNSUB nswp” to 6464. the services provided will automatically be taken off from your Zong number as per your demand. User will no longer be able to enjoy the features of “Zong All-in-One Weekly Offer 2022” unless he/she sends new request to activate the bundle.

In case you want to subscribe the offer again, follow any one of the 4 subscription directions mentioned above once more. Network will supply its services again on Re-Subscription.

Zong All-in-One Weekly Package 2022 Status Code

Remaining MBs, minutes & SMS can be examined by putting the code *102#. Charges include 10 paisa+Tax per inquiry. Have a bird’s eye view of the incentives provided, its usage & the services left till the expiry of bundle. After reviewing the important details, manage your weekly usage of astonishing services.

If less privileges are left, then make important calls just & save your data to avail in the hour of need. On emergency basis, you must have sufficient incentives so that you might not stuck in serious situation. In such a low rate, find whats left with you for the rest of the days of the week.

Activate Online

In order to subscribe to “Zong All-in-One Weekly Offer 2022“, click the ‘Activate Online’ button & have an access to the page where you;ll be granted subscription to this unique All-in-One bungle by Zong 4G.

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