Zong Daily Voice Package 2021

Zong Daily Voice Offer 2021

Stay Connected With Daily Zong Calls!

If you want to contact some special contacts for which you need more minutes, don’t panic. Zong is here to help you out with it. Simple dial *45# to activate the Daily Call Package by your No# 01 Network.

With activation, customer will be immediately granted 20 On-Network minutes. These minutes will aid in talking to any Zong contact. So if you want to call any Zong user & wanna talk for quite long, then this package is particularly for you.

At a low cost of only Rs. 5/- , client will be allowed to call any Zong number.

Keep Calling your Special Ones!

Zong Daily Voice Package 2021 Details

Package Name DAILY VOICE
Validity Daily
Zong Minutes  20 mins
Price Rs. 5 (Tax Included)


Zong puts forward great Daily Call package for all its PREPAID users. Enjoy Zong minutes included in the  package for whole day.

Subscription Code

To “Subscribe” the outstanding Package, dial *45# from your device. You’ll receive confirmation notification of activation.

Status Code

Check out the remaining incentives i.e, minutes by dialing *102#

Terms & Conditions

    • Offer is not auto-recursive.
    • The offer can only be subscribed once in a day.
    • Call Set-up charges are not applicable on the offer.

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