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ZONG 4G“-Pakistan Largest Data Network; introduces an exclusive offer for its customers habitual of using “Facebook”. Now only at Rs. 5, you can enjoy all the superb incentives of Facebook by subscribing to the “Zong Facebook Daily Package 2022″. Admirable offer allows to like & comment on your Friends’ news feeds and share your precious moments with them. Extremely great opportunity to connect yourself with your loved ones via Facebook messenger at suitable cost. Be amongst the lucky customers being delighted by the superlative bundle.

Relish all Facebook Features available Nationwide. Finest Quality Trait of the exciting proposal put forward is the provision of 500 MB Facebook Data. Clients can comfortably turn on this offer by SUBSCRIBING it. Zong presents this admirable opportunity keeping in view the welfare of its purchasers. Go be benefited from excellent privileges.

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Zong Facebook Daily Package

Zong Daily Facebook Package 2022 Details

The present era is heading towards the immense use of Social media as all tasks are being performed with the help of this calculating machine. Humans are bound to take aid from social media in the near future, no matter what the nature of the task is. Facebook is also one of the widely used app for the purpose. Today, its extended use is really appreciated.

Facebook helps the users to expand their Product launch. Variety of pages on Facebook helps its users to search for millions of suitable Job opportunities out there in their own city as well. Advertise your services & chat with your customers. Obtain exciting reviews about your product. Zong 4G is always in the show to help its users in the way of their success.

Validity Daily (1 day)
Facebook Data 500 MB
Price Rs. 5

Activate beneficial “Zong Daily Facebook Package 2022” straight away & LOG IN to your resisting Facebook Account or SIGN UP to a new one.

Facebook LOG IN

If you are a permanent user of Facebook & were not utilizing Facebook for expensive data provision then “Zong Daily Facebook Package 2022” is a best fit for you. Activate the bundle in cheap rate & LOG IN to your previous Facebook Account.

Simply insert your particular email address on which you created your Facebook ID along with the password set. Your Facebook account will instantly open at your screen. In case, your account was generated with the aid of your mobile number then simply insert your Number & provide password.

All the incentives of “Zong Daily Facebook Package 2022” will automatically start working as soon as you will log in to your Facebook.

NEW Facebook SIGN UP

In case you are going to make a NEW Account on the renowned app “Facebook“, you need to follow some simple steps to SIGN UP for Facebook.

Conveniently, put in the information required to generate the account. Facebook will ask you to write the Name & Surname by which you want to use Facebook. Any name can be written which you admire. Its more likely to give in your real name but you can also provide any other name if you want to keep your real identity private.

The next step is to provide the email address on which you want your Facebook account to function. If you don’t own any email, you can simply put your Mobile number to keep it going.

Heading toward creation of new account, you must need to put in your Birth Date & confirm your Gender. So that you might see the content that might be useful for you.

After giving in all the correct information about yourself, hit the green “SIGN UP” button at the end. Facebook will process your click & you’ll be granted access to a brand NEW Facebook Account.

Now, in order to continue using Facebook in the most reasonable price, subscribe to “Zong Daily Facebook Offer 2022“. Avail all the valuable services.

Zong Facebook Daily Package 2022 Eligibility

 “Zong Daily Facebook Offer 2022” brings forth embellishing services for Facebook addicts. Any Zong user can utilize this package after ACTIVATION. This bundle is open for all customers without any variation.

All Prepaid & Postpaid clients are allowed to request subscription of “Zong Daily Facebook Package 2022” & stay tension-free for whole day long. The sterling point is that everyone is granted access to this most demanding bundle of the century.

Zong Daily Facebook Package Code 2022

How To Subscribe

“Subscribe” the splendid “Zong Daily Facebook Package 2022” by just dialing *32# from your mobile phone. Authorities will let you know about this activation trough a confirmation text message.


Activate the amazing bundle via “My Zong App” which can be downloaded  from any App store on your device. Find “Zong Daily Facebook Package 2022” on the ‘Search Bar‘ & you’ll quickly dig up the concerned offer. Subscribe by hitting ‘Subscribe Now‘.


Go to any retailer shop nearby & tell the name of the bundle i.e., “Zong Daily Facebook Package 2022“. Retailer will demand fixed above-mentioned price & will activate the offer on your cellphone.


After following any one of the 3 methods, don’t forget to confirm your subscription by receiving a text message from the Network “Zong 4G“. This SMS will clearly state the name of the bundle to which you subscribed & the privileges offered under it.

Zong Daily Facebook Offer 2022 Status Code

Remaining MBs can be checked by dialing the code *102#. Payment includes 10 Paisa + Tax for each inquiry. The details of the package which is currently activated on your device will appear on the screen of your device immediately after inserting the string. View it carefully & plan your data usage ahead. Keep a record of how much time you can continue using Facebook.

 Terms & Conditions

  • Out of Bundle rate till validity is Rs 1+tax per MB
  • The data provided in this offer is applicable only for the use of Facebook.


  • Your SIM is your identity; only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA
  • Unwanted and unethical (unreasonable) messages can be reported by texting SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000 –PTA
  • Below mentioned Taxes/ Charges would be applicable:
    • Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 12.5% applies on every recharge
    • Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% on usage applies

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