Zong Monthly Supreme Offer 2022 | Free YouTube | Exclusive Discount Rs. 850

Dear Zong Customers!

Hope you all will be extremely glad to hear about the new exclusive bundle offered by your one & only network Network. “Zong Monthly Supreme Offer 2022” is no doubt an ultimately incomparable Package of the era.

Get yourself a huge bundle of Internet Data and search for your favorite topics online and download them to approach later. Get help with your or your kids’ daily tasks & home assignments.

Call your kith & kin on their Zong Numbers utilizing large amount of Zong Minutes offered in the package. If they’re having any other network, make calls up to off network contacts conveniently without any difficulty.

Message your near & dear ones using SMS provided in “Zong Monthly Supreme Offer 2022”. Receive their exciting replies as well.

Download and watch online hundreds & thousands of YouTube videos by consuming YouTube MBAlso get a chance to watch FREE YouTube one hour each day for the entire month. 

Try the utmost superlative Monthly proposal right away!

Zong Monthly Supreme Offer 2022

Zong Monthly Supreme Offer 850 Details

A dominant Monthly package is captivating the thoughts of Zong customers now-a-days. “Zong Mahana Supreme Offer 2022” is an excellent bundle for users who want to get rid of the hustle to activate packages daily. Simply get an extra-ordinary package & set yourself free for the next 30 days.

With lots of incentives, undoubtedly “Zong Mahana Supreme Offer 2022” is best fit for Prepaid Zong users. Especially the ones who are addicted to YouTube videos. This bundle will help you with it as it allows FREE YouTube usage for one hour daily for 30 days of activation.

Also, users receive a chance to connect to their loved ones via all the connection means. On & Off-Net minutes are granted to keep you updated with the events happening in the lives of your close people. For the clients habitual of chatting endlessly, SMS are also set for extreme usage in “Zong Mahana Supreme Offer 2022”.

Go ahead & chill availing the best ever services by Zong 4G. Surely, you won’t regret your decision afterwards. This Monthly Package will keep you up all the time.

The most notable thing is that Exclusive Discount is put forward by the Network. The price is reduced for esteemed users. So that it might become easy for the customers to afford the unbeatable offer. Hurry to obtain the Limited Time bundle.

Package Name Zong Monthly Supreme Offer
Validity Monthly (30 days)
  • Internet Data: 12 GB
  • On-Net Mins: 5000
  • Off-Net Mins: 300
  • SMS: 5000
  • YouTube – Free for 1 hour per day
  • Original Price: Rs. 1000
  • Discounted Price: Rs. 850

Zong Mahana Supreme Offer 2022 Eligibility

“Zong Monthly Supreme Offer 2022” is accessible for all Zong PREPAID purchasers. Having an eye on crucial needs of the clients, this package is launched for all of them. The purpose is just to entertain the clients to use extremely beneficial services as long as they want. The important point is that no variation on the basis of region applies on the bundle.

All the residents of the state can enjoy the same privileges after subscription. Nothing much or less. So stay tuned to get exclusive Discount on bundles from Zong 4G.

“Zong Monthly Supreme Offer 2022” is available in all 2G, 3G or 4G Network areas. Any Zong customer can freely request for subscription to the bundle without any hesitation. Residing anywhere in Pakistan, stay connected to your social circle anytime via the amazing Mahana offer. Avail the extra-special incentives anywhere anytime without any limitations.


“Zong Monthly Supreme Offer 2022” is not for POSTPAID Zong Subscribers. In that case, view the following offer formulated for postpaid users.

Zong Monthly Postpaid Package 2022

Zong Monthly Supreme Offer Activation Code 2022

Subscribe “Zong Monthly Supreme Offer 2022” by just pressing the string *3030#As soon as the string is pressed, an SMS is sent on your Zong number by the 4G Network. This text message contains all the information about the currently activated package. Clearly the name of the package to which the user subscribed is mentioned on the top. Followed by the services obtained by the requester. Validity of the concerning package is also prominently shown along with the other information.

This SMS is basically regarded as a Confirmation for the customer that he has subscribed to “Zong Monthly Supreme Offer 2022” recently & has obtained the following services for fixed time period. If in case, you have not received this text message, then it is evident that your request has not be approved for some reason or might be you are dialing incorrect code. Check for the issue or contact the Network franchise.

This method is very convenient as it does not demand the user to move from his place hastily in order to activate it. Simply subscribe to it while relaxing on your sitting. Utilize the outstanding services anytime.

Zong Monthly Supreme Offer 2022 Activate Online

You can get “Zong Monthly Supreme Offer 2022” activated by clicking ‘Activate Online‘. A page will open on the screen of your device where online subscription of this bundle is entertained. A dialogue box is present asking the user to insert his/her Zong number in the bar & hit ‘Subscribe‘. The incentives pf the awesome bundle will activate on your handset soon. You can enjoy them to their fullest within the validity period.

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Zong Supreme Offer Unsubscribe Code 2022

Unsubscribe “Zong Supreme Offer 2022” anytime by just sending a simple text message to Zong Network. Send ‘Unsub 750‘ to ‘6464. The authority will automatically take back all the services granted. Requester will no longer be able to take advantage of the services offered. 

Must keep in mind that the subscription fee is Non-Refundable. Once you subscribe to “Zong Supreme Offer 2022”, fixed mentioned price is deducted from your account provided. This fee is not returned even if you unsubscribe the bundle before its expiry. Its totally up to the customer whether he wants to inactivate the services offered or not.

Auto-Recursive option is available for this package. Client has to unsubscribe manually if he wants to quit using this offer. In case you unsubscribed the bundle & later want to subscribe again to “Zong Supreme Offer 2022”, repeat the instructions to activate the offer (as listed above). You can adopt any procedure to activate it.

Zong Supreme Offer Check Code 2022

Unfinished incentives can be examined by inserting the code *102#. Charges applied are 10 paisa + Tax per inquiry. Just in such a low amount, customers are enabled to view their data usage & the details of daily use of the services as well.

A quick display of employment of the privileges provided is shown on the screen of our cell phone in a matter of seconds. So that the users might schedule their Monthly services’ usage. Plan how to utilize the remaining features of “Zong Supreme Offer 2022” at their best.


Product Specific:

  • Auto-recursive applies on this offer.
  • Free mobile internet MBs are for 2G, 3G and 4G
  • Call setup charges are no applicable under this bundle.
  • YouTube can be utilized for YouTube and Tapmad TV services
  • YouTube resources are not part of rollover resources

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