Zong SMS & Call Block Service 2021

Manage your Contacts with Zong 4G!

Launching an extremely beneficial service for all Zong customers. Present era is the era of Technology. A lot of wrong & inappropriate calls & SMS are received certain times. Now is the time to stop receiving unnecessary calls and messages.

Subscribe to useful service “Zong Call & SMS Block Service 2021”. This feature enables the customers to restrict unknown numbers from teasing them. Block all the contacts that are not required. Nowadays, people send random disrespectful or harassing text messages & calls. Stop being abused by simply eliminating all offensive or hurting numbers from your list.

Maintain a complete list called “Black List”. In the list, include all those contacts whom you want to get rid of. “Zong Call & SMS Block Service 2021” allows users to separately manage following:

  1. Call Block List
  2. SMS Block List
  3. Call & SMS Block List

Zong SMS & Call Block Service 2021 Details

Package Name Zong 420 Incoming Call Screening Service
Validity Monthly (30 days)
Price Rs. 15 + Tax

Zong SMS & Call Block Service 2021 Eligibility

Zong puts forward the most useful features “SMS Block Service” & “Call Block Service” for all its customers. Prepaid, Postpaid and all other subscribers can utilize the service whenever necessary.

This offer is exclusively open for all Zong Users. Anytime subscribe to it and start restricting bothering people.

Zong SMS & Call Block Service 2021 Code

To Subscribe to “Zong SMS & Call Block Service 2021”

Dial *420# from your cell phone.


Send “sub” to 420.

After receiving activation confirmation SMS, start blocking unnecessary numbers.

Zong SMS & Call Block Service 2021 Unsubscribe

In order to unsubscribe “Zong SMS & Call Block Service 2021” at any time, simply send “unsub” or “unsubscribe”  to 420. The Network will automatically deactivate the services for you.




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