Zong Super Monthly Offer 2021


Zong Super Monthly Offer 2021

Subscribe to the most superb Monthly Package by Zong 4G!

Excellent & beneficial proposal is going to give 5 GBs of Internet Data which is obviously sufficient for one Month. All browsing can be done easily for the entire month within this data limit.

“Zong Super Monthly Offer” is launched for all the Prepaid Zong customers. If you are looking forward for an Affordable Internet Package by Zong, then this is no less than a blessing for you. At a cheap rate of Rs. 290 per month, get all the high-quality Internet services immediately.

Check-in all your social accounts. Contact all your online friends. Stay informed about whats happening in your world. Watch as many informative videos as you desire. Go through Entertaining content to sooth yourself from the hectic life. Try new recipes, grab innovative ideas & many more. All of it just after Subscription to “Zong Super Monthly Offer”.

Try this Mind-blowing offer Straight Away!

Zong Super Monthly Offer 2021 Details

Package Name ZONG Super Monthly Offer
Validity Monthly (30 days)
Internet Data  5 GB
Price Rs. 290 (Tax Included)

Zong Super Monthly Offer 2021 Eligibility Criteria

“Super Monthly PACKAGE” is available for all Zong prepaid purchasers. Having an eye on crucial needs of the clients, this package is launched for all of them.

Zong Super Monthly Package Code 2021

Just dial *6464# from your phone set to open the Activation menu. Select your desired “Zong Super Monthly Offer” from the list of variant packages. Avail the service after receiving message Confirming Subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. When will Notification Messages be sent?
 Customer will get notification on 90-95% usage with complete data consumption notification. Rest of all usage notification (20%, 50% and 80% usage) will remain the same and customer will get notified accordingly.
Q. How many times can user Re-subscribe a bundle?
 Customer can subscribe again after deactivation.
Q. When will the Default Package be charged?
 Initially, when a user has not subscribed to any bundle, default rate of Rs4/MB will be charged. Default rate will be charged again after the expiry of data bundle.
Q. Will bundle re-subscribe automatically if the sufficient balance is available?
 Yes, all bundles will re-subscribed in case of balance availability.

Terms & Conditions

  • Out of bundle rate is Rs. 1+Tax/MB & will charge as per the bundle expiry
  • If you use the internet without subscribing to any data bundle, the default rate of Rs. 4+Tax /MB will charge.
  • The minimum Charging pulse of default usage is 1MB
  • User can utilize YouTube and Tapmad TV services
  • YouTube resources are not part of rollover resources

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