Zong Z500 Package 2022 | Monthly Postpaid Package

Enjoy by getting the Effective Monthly Postpaid Offer by Zong 4G!

Acquire a total of 4096 MB Data out of which half are set for Internet Usage and the rest for  for WhatsApp application.

It means you can now utilize “Zong z500 Package 2022” for Prolonged Surfing and and for unlimited Calls and messages on WhatsApp. Use the famous application WhatsApp with all its excellent features. Text messaging, Voice calling, video calling, images and videos sharing; all included in single package.

Moreover, make phone calls for On-network contacts & connect to your On-Net friends for as much time as you want. Make UNLIMITED calls to Zong numbers. In addition, make calls to other network numbers taking advantage of a handsome amount of off-network minutes included in the “Zong z500 Package 2022”.

Send text messages to those not having Internet connection using lots of SMS.

Put the postpaid package in use now! 

Zong z500 Postpaid Package 2022

Zong Z500 Package Details 2022

Zong is not coming slow when it comes to the provision of extra-ordinary bundles to its customers!

Keeping an eye on the crucial needs & desires of users, it always stayed close to the bottom line of their hearts. Another outstanding is put forward this time for Postpaid subscribers of Zong 4G.

Concerning your Monthly requirements, Pakistan’s best 4G Network launches amazing “Zong z500 Package 2022”. Huge amount of data bundle is introduced. No chance of running out of data this time. Freely utilize the half of it the way you want.

The other half is specified for the usage of WhatsApp. No doubt, this brilliant app has become a basic part of our lives, When it comes to contact your loved ones, the first priority on our minds is through WhatsApp. All the other apps come at second conditions. Such a big deal of data is paving our ways to avail the Excellent Features of WhatsApp including chatting, audio/video calls & audio/video/image sharing.

Moreover, a golden chance to make yourself eligible to call your kith & kin belonging to both On & Off Network. UNLIMITED Zong Calls are possible with “Zong z500 Package 2022”. Enough Off-Net minutes are also rewarded to stay in touch. SMS are no less than a great necessity which is also fulfilled by Zong 4G.

Package Name Zong z500
Validity Monthly (30 days)
  • Internet Data: 2048 MB
  •  WhatsApp Data – 2048 MB
  • On-Network Minutes – 1500
  • Off-Network Minutes – 300
  • SMS: 1000
Price Rs. 500 + Tax
Security Deposit  Rs. 1000 (Minimum)

Tax Applicable

Incentives Tax Imposed (in PKR)
  • On-Network Call
  • Off-Network Call
  • SMS
  • Data (per MB)

Zong Z500 2022 Additional Features

  • Enhance credit limit by 5% for PKR 5 only
  • Credit Limit Notification
  • FREE Itemized Bill by Email
  • Data Usage Notification based on  50%, 80% and 100%
  • Pro-Rata in the First Billing Cycle of Line Rent & Freebies

Zong Monthly Z500 Package 2022 Eligibility

“Zong Monthly z500 Package 2022” is available for all Zong POSTPAID purchasers. The best thing about this useful package is that no variation on the basis of locality is made. All activation request from Postpaid users are dealt equally.

All the residents of the state having a Postpaid subscription can enjoy the same privileges after activation. Nothing more or less. So stay tuned to get exclusive bundles from Zong 4G.

“Zong Monthly z500 Package 2022” is available in all 2G, 3G or 4G Network areas. Any Postpaid Zong customer is free to subscribe to the bundle without any difficulty. Residing anywhere in Pakistan, request for activation of the amazing offer anytime. Avail the amazing incentives anywhere anytime without any limitations.


“Zong Monthly z500 Package 2022” is not for Prepaid Zong Users. Only Postpaid subscribers can apply for it. View following Prepaid Packages instead:

How to Activate Zong Monthly Z500 Package 2022

To activate “Zong Monthly z500 Package 2022”, Postpaid user has to dial the helpline number from his device. Make a call to “310“. Helpline service will help you out. They will also provide any further information about the package you want to subscribe. Details of the bundle will be clearly introduced beforehand.


The second method is very simple. If you want to get “Zong Monthly z500 Package 2022” activated, visit any Retailer near your house or any Zong Franchise within your locality. Ask for the subscription of the desired package. They will activate the required bundle on your device & will charge you accordingly.


As soon as the offer is activated, an SMS is sent on your Zong number by the Network. This text message contains all the information about the currently activated package. Clearly the name of the package to which the user subscribed is mentioned on the top. Followed by the services obtained by the requester. Validity of the concerning package is also prominently shown along with the other information.

This SMS is basically regarded as a Confirmation for the customer that he has subscribed to “Zong Monthly z500 Package 2022” recently & has obtained the following services for fixed time period. If in case, you have not received this text message, then it is evident that your request has not be approved for some reason or might be not eligible for it. Check for the issue or contact the Network franchise.


Q. How Can I Activate these Packages?

For Activation and Further Details please call 310 Helpline or visit the nearest Customer Service Center / Franchise.

Q. How can I increase my credit limit by 5%?

You will receive an SMS on consumption of 80% Credit Limit, where you can enhance your limit by 5% for only PKR 5. The increased Limit would be deducted from your next billing cycle.

Q. How will I know my credit limit?

On Activation of your Package, you will receive an SMS for your Credit Limit (which is equal to the initial security deposit). You can also SMS “CL” to 567 to get your current monthly credit limit.

Q. How Can I enhance my Monthly Credit Limit?

This limit can be enhanced at any time by visiting the nearest Customer Service Center or Franchise. You can also recharge via Mini-load, online or by scratch card and call 310 to request an increase. After any change of Credit Limit, you will be notified by SMS.

Q. How can I find out my Bill?

Simply SMS ‘BL’ to 567 to get complete information about your current Free Mins, SMS and Mobile Internet. Also, you will get Your Current Bill and Advance Payment (If Any).

Q. How Can I subscribe to FREE Email Bill?

Subscription Method: You can receive your bill for Free by email, simply send “EBSub space Email address” to 3100. For a change of email send “EAC space New Email address” to 3100.
Unsubscribe Method: If you would like to unsubscribe to FREE Email bill service, simply send EBUN to 3100.

Q. How Can I find out about the available Free Minutes, SMS and Mobile Internet?

You can send BL to 567 (Charges Rs 0.50+Tax/SMS) or simply Dial *567# (Charges:Rs 0.50+Tax per inquiry ) or *102# (charges:10 Paisa per inquiry) and follow the menu

Q. Are there any Call Setup charges in Zong postpaid Packages?

No, unlike postpaid there are no Extra Voice, SMS or Data Charges

Q. How many Billing cycles are available?

One billing cycle starting from 1-30/31st of the month is available.

Q: Can I convert my number to Prepaid?

Yes, after settling Conversion Charges of PKR 200+tax your number can be converted to Prepaid.


Product Specific:

  • Call set-up charges are not applicable in this offer.


Below mentioned Taxes/ Charges would be applicable:

  • Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 12.5% applies on every recharge
  • Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% on usage applies
  • FED of 16% applies on usage ( where applicable).

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