Zong Z500 Package 2022 | Monthly Postpaid Package

Enjoy by getting the Effective Monthly Postpaid Offer by Zong 4G! Acquire a total of 4096 MB Data out of which half are set for Internet Usage and the rest for  for WhatsApp application. It means you can now utilize “Zong z500 Package 2022” for Prolonged Surfing and and for unlimited Calls and messages on WhatsApp. … Read more

Zong SMS & Call Block Service 2021

Manage your Contacts with Zong 4G! Launching an extremely beneficial service for all Zong customers. Present era is the era of Technology. A lot of wrong & inappropriate calls & SMS are received certain times. Now is the time to stop receiving unnecessary calls and messages. Subscribe to useful service “Zong Call & SMS Block … Read more